Road Trip

The ‘travel’ part of this blog can finally begin! On Tuesday, I went to visit my sister in Tennessee. It was a dreary day for driving with lots of traffic.


And check out all that wetness on my windshield….


A few hours later, I arrived in Murfreesboro. It’s got that small, ‘mid-western town’ feel as demonstrated by this attempted photo of the town hall.


Professional photographer, I am not….

Anyway, I spent a few days doing what I do best: absolutely nothing. The most eventful thing was going into Nashville for some Ethiopian food. The food was awesome; the picture…


Seriously, is anyone available to give photography lessons? Lots of help is needed.

My visit came to a close with dropping my car off (I can’t take it overseas with me; at least not easily), and grabbing the poor, American’s way home: a bus. The good news is Greyhound has improved significantly since I last traveled with them about 10 years ago. The buses now come with power outlets and WiFi! The bad news is this particular bus’ power outlets weren’t working.

I’m glad I took my laptop with me so I was able to charge my phone, and order an Uber when I got to the station in Indy. And now, I’m back ‘home’…. A very empty home…with no car.

Fortunately, I’ll only be here for a couple days. On Monday, I start my journey to Iceland where I can find some real content for you follower types. Ah the North Atlantic land of fire and ice…how I’ve missed you. We shall meet again very soon.

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