Temple of Poseidon Tour

You know that feeling you get when you post something to Instagram, and immediately realize you totally jacked something up? Yeah, that seems like every picture I posted about this tour so please try not to think I’m a completely illiterate hill-jack…. Anyway, I decided to spend some money (30 Euro) on a day trip to see the Temple of Poseidon (among a few other things).

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So many cats

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Being a historical Greek tour, we did what you’d expect from something as high-brow as this: stopped to feed cats. There’s our intrepid tour guide putting out cat food, and giving the rest of us time to get out of the vehicle without being mobbed. They might be strays, but they definitely expect to be fed any time a human comes close. Such spoiled little creatures….

A few windy roads later, it came into view. What do you mean you can’t see it off in the distance? OK, here’s a better view.

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Temple of Psidon

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And yes, I know I can’t spell Poseidon. Maybe I can use the excuse that every time I looked at it, it was like this: Ποσειδών? Writing in Greek to the rescue!

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Remnants of the Temple of Athena

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While I was there, I also got this sweet shot of what’s left of the Temple of Athena. As the story goes, Athens was pretty much devoted to worshiping Athena, and the people pretty much forgot about Poseidon. Well, there was a week of pretty bad storms in the 400s BC, and they figured it was because the God of the Sea was angry at them. So they built the Temple of Poseidon. And then to make things even, they built a temple to Athena a little further down the hill…which was later moved…because they wanted it somewhere else? I wasn’t there, I’m not sure what their reasoning for moving the temple was.

We went a little further up the coast into a little town that I don’t remember the name of (blogger fail), and came across this church. It was dedicated to St. Nicolas (I think…I really suck at names). Anyway, the Luxembourgian girls that were with us spent more time petting the dogs than exploring the church. I’ll let you fill in how this scenario could have distracted me somewhat.

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Bay of Alexander

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On our way to the next stop, we passed ‘Alexander’s Beach’. That’s not the official name, but it’s called that because it’s the last place in Greece Alexander the Great’s feet were. After the fleet sailed out of this bay, he sort of conquered Persia…or something…you know, no big deal. I like to conquer the Persian Empire in my spare time too. It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days.

Then we hit up a thermal spring. It was kind of chilly out so most of us didn’t feel like paying the 7 Euro to swim that day. I say most because the Luxembourgian girls did, and…. What was I talking about again?

Our final stop was to Λυκαβηττός (Mount Lycabettus). I think I’ve mentioned this place before as this makes the third time I’ve been up there. In case not though, here’s a picture.

You get the best views of Athens from up there. If you’re not dying of health problems, I recommend hiking up it. The exercise is fantastic, and it’s not crowded in the winter.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the tour. Our tour guide was the awesome history nerd Andrew Kelleher. He can be reached by the following methods:

  • Phone: +30 6970408710
  • Email: andrewkelleher@hotmail.com
  • Facebook: Athens Off the Beaten Track
  • Instagram: #athensoffthebeatentrack

I’ll catch you all next time. Probably for the Corinth tour….

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