Corinth and Stuff…

OK so it’s not the city of Σπάρτη (Sparta), but it’s within their territory. And the shot is awesome!

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Corinthian Canal

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We began this day trip from Αθήνα (Athens), and drove for about an hour before we came to Διώρυγα της Κοπίνθου (The Corinthian Canal). This 24 meter wide, 8.5 meter deep canal (a meter is about a yard) allows boats to pass Greece without having to go around Πελοπόννησος (The Peloponnesian Peninsula). The high winds and tides make it difficult to navigate, but it’s still far faster to go through it than around.

After that, we visited the museum and ruins of ancient Κόρινθος (Corinth). These guys were crucial to any war between the Greek peninsulas as they controlled the bridge that went between them. The north was typically controlled by Athens while the south was mostly Sparta.

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Mycenae from the top

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Then we went to Μυκήνη (Mycenea). This fortress was integral to the Mycenaean Empire that existed in the first millennium B.C. The stones here were large enough that no one stole them to use in their own buildings. This seems to be a common theme in Greece: in order for something to last, it needs to be made of stones too large to easily carry away.

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Just chillin' on the edge of a cliff

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While here, I also took some selfies…. And the sweet pic at the top.

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Sheep in the road. Rude!

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On the way to our next destination, we ran into some sheep in the road. This is a fairly common occurrence in Greece, but not so much where I’m from. We went around the traffic circle a couple times, but I still didn’t get a decent picture. Damn moving vehicles….

When the sheep fascination ended, we made our way to Παλαμήδι (Palamidi); a massive fortress overlooking the city of Ναύπλιο (Nafplio). Some of the views over the bay are spectacular. It was pretty cool looking at the holes in the walls made for archers and the occasional cannon.

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Nafploi by the bay

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When we finished there, we went to the town below for some food. It’s a good thing too because we were famished. It seems all the government run historical sites close at 15 (3 PM) in the ‘winter’ so we were trying to see everything before they closed. Side note: there’s an ice cream shop in town that has possibly the best stuff I’ve tasted. If you’re ever in the area, make sure you find it and get a couple scoops.

The history here is insane. It was also pretty cool having our history nerd tour guide to fill in a bunch of details. Until next time…

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