Financial Friday 4

OK so…it’s getting slightly better, but still more expensive than I’d like. Let’s get into it.


Zero again! I didn’t move all week.


Stayed in the same place, but extended so the numbers changed slightly. I didn’t go over $18 a night though so that’s reasonable.


This varied greatly depending on whether we went out or not. Friday we went to the cozy little bar down the street: $10.46. Brunch also cost me a bit as I had a burger (those are expensive here) while I waited on my laundry: $11.07.

Monday was trivia night at the Sports Bar so a few drinks there set me back a bit: $14.72.

On Wednesday, we played drinking games, and shit got a little crazy…. Like streaking crazy. So the food category is almost all alcohol. I really need to stop going out so much.

Tuesday and Thursday were tour days so we went to somewhat nicer restaurants.


Friday was laundry day: $8.61. It’s a bit much for a laundromat, but what are you going to do? My cloths need to get cleaned.

Also on Friday, some of us went to the Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης (the Museum of Cycladic Art). It was good, but short: $8.76.

On Tuesday, I did a tour of the Temple of Poseidon: $36.90. I wrote a blog post about it you can check out if you’re curious.

On Wednesday, I bought a comb because someone stole mine: $1.24. I’m pretty sure they thought it was theirs so not malicious or anything. But I’d spent a sold week without being able to properly groom myself which was slightly annoying.

On Thursday, I went on a tour of Corinth (among a few other things): $43.40. I’ll make a post about that soon.


Week 4
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
Travel 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lodging 17.62 17.62 17.62 17.62 17.62 17.8 17.8 123.7
Food 24.48 3.07 7.99 20.05 17.1 29.4 13.02 115.11
Other 20.44 3.07 3.07 3.07 39.97 4.31 52.05 125.98
Total 62.54 23.76 28.68 40.74 74.69 51.51 82.87 364.79

So yeah…not the worst, but I can definitely do better. Next week, the month wraps up so I’ll have a nice end-of-month summary for you guys.

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