Financial Friday 5

It’s official: I’ve been traveling for over a month! Plus, this week has been the friendliest to my wallet yet. Let’s break things down….


On Sunday, I took a train to Μετέωρα (Meteora): $22.61. It was far cheaper and more enjoyable than the bus. Conclusion: trains are awesome.

I got to the train station via the Αθήνα (Athens) metro. I would never encourage people to do this but…. If someone was to not validate their ticket, there’s a high probability that no one would catch them. In the two times I took the metro, I didn’t see anyone checking passengers for validation, and there are a high number of locals that just don’t bother.

On Monday, I shared a taxi going up and down Meteora: $3.10 up, $2.17 down. These were well worth it as that was the day of the ‘blizzard’. You can check my blog post for details, and pictures.

On Tuesday, I caught a train to Θεσσαλονίκη (Thessaloniki): $30.27. This one was a bit more expensive as it wouldn’t let me book the direct path online for some reason. I suppose I could have bought my ticket at the counter, but then I would have had to talk to someone. Who wants to do that?


Friday night was at Athens Backpackers: $17.80.

Saturday was at Athens Studios: $16.55. The 6 person rooms actually filled up at Backpackers so I had to move. This is the downside of booking last-minute.

Sunday and Monday were at Meteora Central Hostel: $21.70/night. FYI, this hostel is nice, and the owners are awesome. I highly recommend it.

The rest of the week has been at Little Big House with the price of accommodation going up on the 1st: $17.29 and $19.22 in March. We’re in spring, and getting closer to high season!


This is pretty boring…mostly gyros and pitas. There’s one blip on Wednesday when I went to a sit-down restaurant with a friend in the evening: $13.64. It was worth it; especially since I’m getting an awesome breakfast included in my stay at Little Big House.


Travel insurance: $3.07/day.

I took free walking tours on Wednesday and Thursday when I tipped the guide 2 euro each time: $2.48 each. He was definitely worth it; particularly for his knowledge of art, music, and the financial crisis. His name is Γεώργιος (George); more on him in another blog post.


Week 5
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
Travel 0 0 22.61 5.27 30.27 0 0 58.15
Lodging 17.8 16.55 21.7 21.7 17.29 17.29 19.22 131.55
Food 12.53 10.18 8.19 8.31 6.45 13.64 7.32 66.62
Other 3.07 3.07 3.07 3.07 3.07 5.55 5.55 26.45
Total 33.4 29.8 55.57 38.35 57.08 36.48 32.09 282.77

Hello, best week so far! If they’d all been like this, I’d have been a happy camper.

As this week wraps up a month, I can show you how February looked as well. Remember my ‘weeks’ start on Friday, and this break-down only includes expenditures from the days in the stated month.

Feb 18
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Total
Travel 0 242.11 0 0 58.15 300.26
Lodging 30.44 233.47 127.84 123.7 112.33 627.78
Food 10.68 44.67 95.52 115.11 59.3 325.28
Other 19.57 91.27 325.21 125.98 20.9 582.93
Total 60.69 611.52 548.57 364.79 250.68 1836.25

This is a fair bit above my goal of $1,500/month. But considering it was the first month of travel, I’ll take it. I expect subsequent months to be far better.

I hope at least someone enjoyed this. The next financial post will be…on Friday; which surprises no one.

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