I’m on a boat!

Sometimes, acting like a complete tourist is worth it. I’d seen the pirate boat at the Θεσσαλονίκη (Thessaloniki) dock a few times, and was like “that’s such a tourist-y thing to do”. And it is. Before I got on the boat, one of the people hanging around even asked me if I could snap a quick photo of her and the ‘pirate captain’.

Once we got out on the water though…everything changed. I found myself a nice spot on the bow, and felt the sea air on my face. Locals would have said it was a cold day, but for me (who’s from a colder climate), it was perfect. I felt like I could have sat there all day in my jeans and t-shirt, but alas, it was only a half hour cruise…. And for most of the second half the ‘pirate captain’ stood in front ringing a bell and holding a huge ass pirate flag. Whatever, the first half more than made up for the obnoxious second.

Then, I wandered around and look a few obligatory pictures. Like this one under the famous umbrellas. Or the picture of Macedonia’s most famous person: Alexander the Great. I suppose conquering the most powerful nation at the time (Persia) makes you worthy of your own statue. Though I prefer the one of Aristotle; who has the largest square in the city dedicated to him. Ironically, neither Alexander nor Aristotle ever set foot in Thessaloniki, because it was founded after their deaths. The more you know….

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This tree looked photogenic to me

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I did manage to take some actually decent shots though. Like a huge tree that looks amazing! It’s just hanging out in the middle of the city. I don’t think there are too many others that thought to take a picture. Hipster reputation saved!

Anyway, this was a quick post to show that there are still funny, every-day things that can be observed even after being in a place for a while. I do have to do something when I’m tired of studying Greek after all. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m taking Greek classes as part of my cultural studies? I know, I’m weird….

See you guys next time.

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