Financial Friday 13

Week 13 on the road. This one includes the Ferry Fiasco (see my previous post if you want to see how that went down), and changing countries so there are a few more expenses than normal. Let’s go.


On Friday, I took a bus from Χάνια (Chania/Hania) to Ηράκλειο (Heraklion): $18.72. And I took a local bus in Heraklion to get to my hostel/hotel: $3.09.

On Saturday, I missed the ferry to Ρόδος (Rhodes): $35.52. And took a ferry to Αθήνα (Athens): $56.79. Oh, and I took a bus from the hostel in Heraklion to the port: $2.10.

On Sunday, I took a ferry from Athens to Rhodes.

On Monday, I took a ‘local’ bus from the port in Rhodes to Ιαλυσός (Ialysos, where the hostel was).

On Thursday, I took a bus from the hostel to Rhodes city: $2.84. And took a ferry to Marmaris, Turkey: $49.56.


On Friday, I stayed at a hostel in Heraklion.

On Saturday, I missed my hostel in Rhodes so I was just out the deposit. I also spent the evening trying to sleep on a ferry which is no easy task.

Sunday through Wednesday, I stayed at a hostel in Ialysos. Wednesday’s was slightly cheaper as I extended and payed in cash. Online bookings are great, but they’re slightly more expensive than just walking up to a place and handing them some paper.

Thursday was my first night in Turkey. I’m not sure of the exact price as I haven’t officially payed yet, but it’s something like $10 per night.


Saturday and Sunday were spent trying to find cheap food on ferries (hint: it doesn’t exist).

On Monday, I went grocery shopping so that reduced by food bill quite significantly on the following days.

The rest was random eating out. Nothing too exciting.


Travel insurance: $3.07 per day.

On Saturday, I bought an e-book. The first in ‘the expanse’ series. I figure if it’s good enough for a Sci-Fi series, it’s good enough to buy and read. Plus, it came in useful on those long ferry rides.

On Tuesday, I did laundry…exciting, right?

On Thursday, I bought some data from GigSky since the European plan doesn’t work in Turkey: $25.00.

I also put the cost of my Turkish visa on Thursday: $20.55. I also noticed that Canadians get charged twice as much as most other countries for their Turkish visas. I don’t know what they did to piss off Turkey, but it’s enough to make me feel sorry for them.

Quick travel hack: if a country offers an e-visa, use it! The charge to buy a visa at the port was €25 ($30.89). So I saved over $10.


Week 13
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
Travel 21.81 94.41 78.4 2.72 0 0 52.4 249.74
Lodging 18.21 5.58 17.89 17.89 17.89 17.3 10 104.76
Food 11.11 11.11 13.46 17.15 3.83 0.62 8.54 65.82
Other 3.07 13.76 3.07 3.07 6.78 3.07 50.62 83.44
Total 54.2 124.86 112.82 40.83 28.5 20.99 121.56 503.76

So yeah, expensive. But, I’m in Turkey now so next week’s should be a lot cheaper. See you next week for another edition of Financial Friday. I think I’m the only one excited for it….

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