Financial Friday 15

Do I need an intro at this point? Off we go….


On Monday, I took a bus from Kuşadası to İzmir: $5.23. Supposedly, bus companies offer free transfers from the main bus station to the main train station. However, I was getting conflicting reports from locals as to how to get to said train station. Eventually, I gave up and just took a taxi: $9.50. Then, I walked 20 minutes to the hostel from there. Did I overspend? Definitely, but I was starting to get annoyed walking back and forth across the huge bus terminal, and getting different answers from everyone I ran into. So I’ll count that as a win for my sanity if not necessarily my wallet.


Friday to Sunday were at the BnB in Kuşadası. In retrospect, I think put less stock in when places say free breakfast as I had to ask for it every day. Given cheap bread and fruit are easy to find, I just went out and bought something. I did get the entire 5 person dorm room to myself though which was nice.

From Monday on I’ve been at a hippy-like hostel in İzmir. It’s a bit of a culture shock being in a place that emphasizes sharing so much. Also, we’re not allowed to keep meat nor cook it in the kitchen which is very strange for Turkey. It’s cool though. If I want meat, I can go out and buy some from the a plethora of restaurants. Oh yeah, Thursday’s number is a little off since I haven’t payed for that night yet. It’s about $10.


I already mentioned the kitchen situation. There isn’t much else to tell. The very low spending days are when I had groceries from a previous day. I absolutely love how I can go out and get a small cup of freshly squeezed juice for under $0.40. I think I’ve ordered a cup of mixed fruit every day I’ve been in İzmir. It’s so good!


Grossly overpaying for travel insurance: $8.64 per day.

On Friday, I payed for a guided tour of Pamukkale: $58.34. It’s expensive, but it came with 3 hour (one way) shuttle service, entrance, lunch, and the guide. So it wasn’t the worth thing ever. See the blog post for more details.

Also on Friday, I bought a coin purse: $1.47. Considering almost no one takes plastic here, I’ve been accumulating a lot of coins. I had been storing them in a small pocket in my jeans, but with the weather getting hot, I needed something that would fit in shorts’ pockets. Plus, it’s just convenient.

On Saturday, I bought a guided tour of Ephesus: $58.34. I definitely overplayed for this. The guide was nice, but not worth that much. Check my last blog post for more about that trip.

On Sunday, I did laundry…sort of. I wasn’t able to find a normal laundry place so I asked a waiter at the restaurant I went to every day while in Kuşadası. He had my laundry taken to a dry cleaning place: $11.88. Ouch! It could have been worse though. He told them it was his laundry so they only charged him the normal rate. If I’d tried it, I would have payed double. I should probably invest in a basin or something, and just hand wash my own clothes. We’ll see how badly I want to save money….

The Monday number’s a little off because I payed to use a public bathroom. Considering what it would look like if there wasn’t someone there cleaning it, I’ll gladly pay that every time.


Week 15
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
Travel 0 0 0 14.73 0 0 0 14.73
Lodging 13.29 13.29 13.29 9.52 9.52 9.52 10 78.43
Food 7.1 9.53 12.5 10.7 2.08 9.81 0.36 52.08
Other 69.94 66.98 20.52 9 8.64 8.64 8.64 192.36
Total 90.33 89.8 46.31 43.95 20.24 27.97 19 337.6

So the tours cost me over $100. I still kept it to under $50 a day though so I kept the week under budget. Until next week….

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