Financial Friday 18

Locations: Ankara, Samsun, Trabzon in Turkey; and Batumi, Georgia

I’ve been on the road for a third of a year! Also, this week finishes off the month of May. Let’s get into it.


On Friday, I went to Samsun. I took the Ankara metro: $0.68. Then a bus to Samsun: $13.53. Once there, I bit the bullet and caught a taxi: $5.64. I estimate it would have taken around an hour to walk to the hotel, and I was having trouble finding landmarks close to it to ask the bus drivers about. So I took the easy, expensive way.

On Monday, I went to Trabzon. I took a taxi to the bus station: $4.51. And a bus to Trabzon: $9.02. It was a nice day out so I decided to walk to the hostel.

On Wednesday, I changed countries and went to ბათუმი (Batumi), Georgia. I took a bus to the border: $6.76. Then, I took another bus into Batumi: $0.95.


Friday to Sunday, I stayed at a hotel I found via AirBnB. I think this is the first time the owner got a hit from AirBnB as he sent me an additional charge for the price of the room after I checked out. I sent back a message asking what the charge was for, and haven’t gotten a response yet. We’ll see how that turns out.

Monday and Tuesday, I was at a hostel in Trabzon. The location had moved, and Google Maps knew the old location. After wandering around for an hour, one of the locals I asked figured out how to pull up a map on Hostelworld’s app. Fortunately, the location was correct there so I was able to find the new spot. Lesson: Google doesn’t know everything.

Wednesday and Thursday, I was at a hostel in Batumi.


So you’ll probably notice my food bill was considerably larger in Georgia. This is primarily due to being in a heavy tourist area, and going out to try all the new local food. I’m sure it’ll calm down once I’ve had a little fun with the new delicacies.


Way too expensive travel insurance: $8.64 per day.

On Friday, I used a public restroom: $0.23. I’ll pay that for a clean bathroom.

On Tuesday, I had my laundry done: $5.64.

On Wednesday, I bought a data plan for Georgia: $25.00. For some reason, it’s its own region, and not included in the Europe or Asia plans.


Week 18
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
Travel 19.85 0 0 13.53 0 7.71 0 41.09
Lodging 14.96 14.96 14.96 14.69 14.69 15.41 15.41 105.08
Food 4.05 3.36 5.82 1.92 4.62 9.96 10.91 40.64
Other 8.87 8.64 8.64 8.64 14.28 33.64 8.64 91.35
Total 47.73 26.96 29.42 38.78 33.59 66.72 34.96 278.16

So things got a little more expensive this week. It’s still not bad though.

And for the month of May:

May 18
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Week 18 Total
Travel 0 14.73 40.78 2.07 41.09 98.67
Lodging 32.53 77.83 71.7 72.36 105.08 359.5
Food 6.81 52.08 21.17 32.55 40.64 153.25
Other 25.92 192.36 71.82 90.07 91.35 471.52
Total 65.26 337 205.47 197.05 278.16 1082.94

That makes May the best month so far. If this is indicative of how Asia is going to be, I love it.

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