Financial Friday 27

Location: Tbilisi [Republic of Georgia]

Now, we say goodbye to July, and another week. Let’s see what I was up to, shall we?


On Sunday and Monday, I took the metro. The prices are slightly different due to exchange rate variance. So cheap….


As you can see, this is a flat rate. It costs me the same every month, and August has the same number of days as July. So, no change.


On Monday, I went out because the water was turned off. This happens occasionally when the city needs to clean the pipes (no, that’s not a euphemism). I don’t know how they keep the time down in the States when they do this, but here, it takes at least a few hours…which makes cooking rather difficult.

Tuesday, was barbecue day! Yours truly was on the grill for most of it, because the ‘American’ knows how to do this right? Well…I do in the States, but things are a little different here. Anyway, everything was pre-purchased to no food bill that day.


Of course, travel insurance: $8.64 per day.

On Friday, we bought a ‘grill’ for the BBQ: $9.42 after splitting it 3 ways (because roommates). This is a very generous term for what was purchased. It’s basically a metal bucket with legs that’s about a foot across, half a foot wide, and sits a foot off the ground (at the top). So there was a lot of hunching over it to flip the meat.

The ‘grill’ didn’t come with a grating. We ended up buying one that was designed to be closed around meat, and held over a fire. We opened it and laid it across the top of the glorified bucket to turn it into an almost proper grill.

Also, the charcoal here is very weird. They’re basically blackened wood chips, and won’t stay lit without prompting from some sort of kindling or accelerant. Oh how I miss the round, pre-soaked coal in the States. Anyway, I included all this in the price.

What I didn’t include was the diesel we bought to get the stupid charcoal to burn: $1.97 after being split 2 ways. This is a must if you’re going to use what I guess the rest of the world would call ‘real’ charcoal. And now we have some left over for the next BBQ. Win…sort of.

For all my Instagram followers, I posted a few pictures of BBQ day. It turned out all right, but it was such a pain in the ass to set up, and get going. This is what happens when you try to bring your country’s food to place where they don’t do things like that.

On Thursday, Steam was having a sale on a couple games, and I couldn’t help myself: $19.49. I probably shouldn’t play so many games, but when it’s insanely hot outside, and I don’t want to sweat my ass off….


Week 27
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Total
Travel 0 0 0.2 0.21 0 0 0 0.41
Lodging 5.48 5.48 5.48 5.48 5.48 5.48 5.48 38.36
Food 4.69 3.28 0 11.73 0 5.87 0 25.57
Other 20.03 9.77 8.64 8.64 8.64 8.64 28.13 92.49
Total 30.2 18.53 14.32 26.06 14.12 19.99 33.61 156.83

As you can see, this week went back down to a normal price level for where I’m staying. At least, it’s normal for me; your average may vary.

And for the month of July….

Jul 18
Week 23 Week 24 Week 25 Week 26 Week 27 Total
Travel 0.6 1.15 0.63 1.42 0.41 4.21
Lodging 27.4 38.36 38.36 41.61 27.4 173.13
Food 35.66 36.54 36.1 31.1 19.7 159.1
Other 105.96 124.59 289.09 144.76 55.72 720.12
Total 169.62 200.64 364.18 218.89 103.23 1056.56

This is pretty good. It’s about $200 more than the month of June because that’s what having no WiFi in the house cost me. Constantly purchasing more data from my ‘travel’ carrier is not cheap. Fortunately, I’ve solved this problem now so August will probably be a lot lower.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak under my financial hood. See you all next week.

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