Financial Friday 50

Location: Tbilisi [Republic of Georgia]

Week 50 on the road! Let’s see what my wallet has to say about this….


Zero. I didn’t go anywhere.


The hostel is super cheap at $3.76 per night. It’s awesome.


Yeah…nothing exciting going on here….


Travel insurance: $8.64 per day.

VPN: $0.26 per day.

Amazon Prime: $0.33 per day.

This blog: $0.31 per day.

On Friday, my local phone plan renewed itself: $0.38. How convenient.

On Saturday, I bought a new coat: $11.28. Because…why not? I was getting annoyed with the old pull-over jacket I have been using as a coat. Plus, the ‘new’ one looks amazing. It’s that puke, military green that seems to be popular in these parts, and looks like an absolute piece of shit. Nothing to steal here would-be thieves; I’m just a random hobo.

On Thursday, my local data plan was renewed: $11.73. That’s for 15G of mobile data. There’s no way I’d get a deal like that in Europe.


Week 50

So, that’s pretty good. I’m going to miss these prices in a few weeks. See you all next week….

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