Financial Friday 51

Location: Tbilisi [Republic of Georgia]

Week 51 on the road….


Zero. I didn’t go anywhere.


The hostel is $3.76 per night. Not too shabby.


I managed to not go out for food at all this week. All the expenses here are from grocery shopping. For reference, I buy mostly eggs, liver, vegetables, nuts, and the occasional seasonings. I don’t do complicated….


Travel insurance: $8.64 per day.

VPN: $0.26 per day.

Amazon Prime: $0.33 per day.

This blog: $0.31 per day.

On Wednesday, my Skype subscription renewed: $29.94. It gives me a US number people can call if needed, and enables me to freely call US (and I think Canadian) numbers for free. Annualized, that comes out to $0.08 per day!

A couple weeks ago, I applied and received a new credit card: the Chase Sapphire Reserve. My readers from the US will probably recognize it as one of the better travel cards. For the $450 annual fee, I get $300 in travel credits, access to Priority Pass (airport lounges), a nice sign-up, and a lot of other cool travel perks. The original charge comes out to $1.23 per day, but I’m going to assume I use all the $300 travel credit and go with the effective rate of $0.41 per day. It’s a bit pricey, but I think worth it.

On Friday, I did laundry: $1.13.


So what’s all that look like?

Week 51

It looks like one of the cheapest weeks ever! I’m going to miss Georgia….

2 thoughts on “Financial Friday 51

    1. +1 (603) 636-7373. It won’t receive text messages, but it works just like a phone in every other way…. Now that that’s out in the open, it’ll probably get robo-called 50 million times….


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