Financial Friday 58

Location: Thessaloniki [Greece]

Week 58 on the road….


Zero. This is why you stay in a place that’s walkable for a while.


Tuesday was the last night of the AirBnB: $12.54 per night.

On Wednesday, I moved back into a hostel. The normal rate is 15.50 Euro per night, but I’m probably going to get a discount. For now though, I’m going to put in the standard rate which comes to $17.81 per night.


This was relatively low since I was trying to finish the groceries I’d bought. I managed to finish most of them, but there were a lot of spices left for the next tenants. You’re welcome next people that will definitely not be reading this.


Travel insurance: $5.57 per day.

VPN: $0.26 per day.

Amazon Prime: $0.33 per day.

This blog: $0.31 per day.

Skype: $0.08 per day.

Chase Sapphire Reserve: $0.41 per day.

On Tuesday, I did laundry: $4.02.

On Thursday, I bought more mobile data: $20.00.


Week 58

That’s actually pretty good for Greece. See you next week.

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