Financial Friday 59

Location: Thessaloniki [Greece]

Week 59….


Zero. This is why you travel slowly.


It’s probably going to be less than this, but for now, I’m going with the standard $17.81 per night at the hostel. It’s not the cheapest, but it comes with free breakfast!


I’ve been getting over a cold this week so a lot of the days involve me ordering something from the cafe that’s run by the hostel. I’m too lazy to go out, and I can stay warm if I don’t go anywhere. It also tends to keep the food bill relatively reasonable.


Travel insurance: $5.57 per day.

VPN: $0.26 per day.

Amazon Prime: $0.33 per day.

This blog: $0.31 per day.

Skype: $0.08 per day.

Chase Sapphire Reserve: $0.41 per day.

On Monday, I went sightseeing with some friends. We visited the Rotunda along with a few other monuments. Admission was pretty cheap: $1.14.

On Tuesday, I did laundry. The washing machine I used already had some money in it! So I was able to get away with spending less to clean my nasty cloths: $2.28.


Week 59

So…it’s been a pretty standard week. See you all next week….

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