Financial Friday 67

Locations: Skopje, Ohrid [North Macedonia]

Week 67 on the road, and I finally did something. I’m such a lazy traveler….


On Monday, I took a bus from Скопје (Skopje) to Охрид (Ohrid): $8.21. Ohrid is a town on a lake in the mountains. It’s beautiful, but can be a little chillier than you’d expect since it’s at elevation.


Friday and Saturday were the last of my month long AirBnB stay: $14.39 per night. You can get some really good deals if you’re willing to stay for a couple weeks or longer.

Sunday was at a hostel: $8.49. I ended up having a 6 bed dorm room to myself. This is why traveling in the off season is so cool.

Monday to Thursday were spent at a hostel in Ohrid: $11.30 per night. It’s a little on the high side for a hostel in North Macedonia, but breakfast was included so…. Not that I look for that; I actually tend to look for places that don’t include breakfast, but the hostel looked like my best option in the city.


Most of the weekend was spent finishing off my groceries. I ended up spending a bit more than usual on food in Ohrid, because of going out and drinking a bit. I met some fun travelers though so…winning!


Travel insurance: $5.03 per day.

VPN: $0.26 per day.

Amazon Prime: $0.33 per day.

This blog: $0.31 per day.

Skype: $0.08 per day.

Chase Sapphire Reserve: $0.41 per day.

Pimsleur Russian: $0.71 per day.

On Friday, I got my teeth cleaned: $18.24. I really should take better care of my teeth. On the plus side, it’s super cheap!

On Thursday, some new friends and I rented a boat, and sailed around Lake Ohrid for about an hour: $4.56 for my part. It was pretty fun.

Travel tip: don’t go with someone that comes to you; they’re overpriced. The people that sit back, and don’t care if anyone asks them for a ride are far cheaper.


Week 67

So that’s pretty good; especially since it included traveling. See you all next week.

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