About me


I was a ‘typical American’ for a long time. I had a steady job, I saved some money, I lived in a sort-of minimalist way…(OK, maybe not so typical for a North American). I don’t like the term mid-life crisis for a few reasons; one of which is I think everyone hits points where they start to wonder what they’re doing with their life. During one of those times, I figured this was the perfect time to do some serious traveling. I’d saved enough to get me started, made a few investments, and hadn’t explored the world as much as I’d have liked.

So now, I’m a traveler with no permanent home. Where will I be next month? Who knows! Hell, there are times when I don’t know where I’ll be next week. I go where the wind takes me…and that isn’t too expensive.

I initially started this blog because I’m incredibly lazy, and figured it would be much easier to make an occasional post than individually emailing my friends to let them know what I’m up to. I also occasionally (very occasionally) post something people find helpful. Plus this way, it’s on the internet forever…I mean, it’s reference material.

I’ll post about places I’ve visited, what I thought of them, the occasional travel hack, and random stories I find interesting. Oh yeah, and the least popular posts: the Financial Friday series. Because I think it’s a good idea to let people know roughly what to expect as far as travel expenses. If my analytics are any indication, I’m the only one that thinks that but…screw the internet; you can’t tell me what to post; I do what I want!

If any of that sounds interesting, I’m sure I’ve hidden a “subscribe” button somewhere around here…. It’s like a finding a ghost: hard to see at first, but once you do, your inbox will be forever haunted by whatever random thoughts I post.


OK, I’m going to stop before this post gets completely derailed.